Cool Off At Water World In Dothan, AL

Water World

It’s June, and summer is in full swing here in Alabama. The weather is hotter than ever, and it may leave you desperate for some relief. You want to take a break from those blistering temps, and no one can blame you. But if you stay inside in the air conditioning for one more day, you might just go stir crazy. What are you to do? Don’t worry – you have options, especially when you live in the local area. If you are looking for the most exciting way to cool off and enjoy your summer, you absolutely have to come on out to Water World in Dothan. This water park is going to provide you with all the fun you need all summer long. Learn more about this amazing spot, and get ready to splish and splash around during the hottest months of the year.

Rip Tide Wave Pool

You don’t have to go all the way to the beach to get that same sensation you get whenever you’re in the ocean. There is something that feels good about the waves crashing up against you. That’s exactly the sensation you get when you make your way to the Rip Tide Wave Pool. The sparkling clear water provides three-foot waves, so you really feel like you’re out at the beach.

The Great White

Sure, you love spending time in the water just hanging out, but you may want something that’s a little more exciting too. That’s where the Great White comes in. This four-story slide will take you up high before you plummet into the pool at the bottom. It really is a blast, and you’re going to want to go down it again and again.

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Tadpole Hole

You don’t have to be an adult or a big kid to have fun at Water World. You just have to go on over to the Tadpole Hole. This is the perfect area for the little ones. The water is calm and shallow, and they can play around with other kids their age. There are smaller water slides, lily pads to hang out on, and even a raintree that they’ll love standing under.

Now that you understand why Water World is such a popular summer destination, all you have to do is figure out how you are going to get there. Need a new ride for all your summer fun? Come check out what we offer here at Gilland Chevrolet GMC in Ozark, Alabama, and you’ll be riding around in style in no time.