Discover The Murals Around Town In Dothan, AL

Dothan Murals

Do you love living in the Dothan area? It’s the ideal place to work, raise a family, and live. However, Dothan is known as more than just being a town that offers a high quality of life; it’s also known for its amazing collection of murals. The murals around Dothan are really something special, and if you haven’t yet seen them all, you’ll want to take a tour of all the best ones in town. Since they are all within walking distance of each other, you can easily take a walking tour of the city to explore the artwork in the area. What are you waiting for? Learn about the murals you should be looking out for, and go check out these incredible works of art.

The Steamboat Era

One of the most beautiful murals in Dothan depicts what the Steamboat era would have been like for people who lived in the town. This kind of technology changed Dothan forever, so this piece of art is an especially important part of the collection that you’ll want to check out.

Salute to the Peanut Industry

For a long time, the peanut industry was one of the biggest money-makers in town, and it had a significant impact on the local economy. This mural pays homage to the hard workers who cultivated these peanuts, helping to put Dothan on the map economically.

Chief Eufaula: Creek Indian Removal

Native Americans in the whole of the United States have faced terrible circumstances at the hands of settlers, and in Dothan, they were almost all pushed out of the region. Of course, this had a hugely negative impact on their lifestyles, and we should look back on this past with an understanding that we have to avoid anything like this at all costs. The mural of Chief Eufaula is a remembrance of that dark history. Still, despite the suffering that this group endured, the chief still remained hopeful and positive when he said, “I do not believe our Great Father means to harm his red children, but that he wishes us well.”

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Mules in the Wiregrass

Check out the mural entitled “Mules in the Wiregrass,” which documents how mules took over the work that was once completed largely by oxen. The use of mules changed much about the economy and culture of the local area.

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